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  3. FLUKE 810 และ FLUKE 805 เครื่องวัดความสั่นสะเทือน ยุคใหม่ ขนาดเล็ก ใช้งานง่าย ราคาไม่แพง
  4. Fluke FC - Achat Analyseur de Vibration Fluke | TESTOON

The Fluke FC Vibration Meter is the most reliable vibration Overall vibration measurement (10 Hz to 1, Hz) for acceleration Download the app at. Vibration Meter. Users Manual The / FC Vibration Meter (the Meter or Product) is To view, print, or download the latest manual supplement. Understand equipment conditions with vibration analysis using Fluke's handheld vibration testers & systems for troubleshooting & diagnosing mechanical.

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Fluke 805 Vibration Meter Pdf Download

View and Download Fluke user manual online. Vibration Meter. Multimeter pdf manual download. Technical Datasheet: FLUKE FC Datasheet The FLUKE FC is a Vibration Meter is an innovative sensor design minimizes measurement variations. Fluke FC Vibration Meter with Fluke Connect Compatibility - at the Test Equipment Depot. Fluke FC with Crest Factor + Takes the Confusion Out of Bearing Assessment. The original Crest Download Fluke Connect Machine wear: How vibration analysis has evolved to increase uptime, PDF Document Icon.

Explorer was created to address capabilities required by in-house maintenance personnel and service provider organizations with hundreds to thousands of assets under management across one or more sites. The software is offered in a Edition, Standard Edition, and Starter Kit Edition allowing investment in software capabilities to match your needs. Explorer unlocks the potential of the Fluke Vibration Meters by enabling: Rapid Configuration of Fluke Vibration Meters Explorer feature a Setups Editor which eliminates the need for manual entry of machine names, measurement locations, and machine types into Fluke Vibration Meters. The Setups Editor incorporates time saving features like copy and paste to accelerate creation of setups for all of your equipment. Explorer can be used to reload a Fluke Vibration Meter that experiences memory loss. Standard reports are included with the software to serve as a starting point for customization of reports to meet your needs. Reports can be tailored to include trend graphs or measurement data tables and customized report titles and logos. The machine assets that appear in a report can be tailored using a custom filter that specifies which machine types and severity levels are to be included. The sequence that machine assets appear in a report is controlled by a sort order specification with the following options: Severity most severe to least sever , Machine Name alphabetical , Machine Category numeric machine categories as specified by Fluke , or by Route Sequence default route sequence is the order machines were added to the database. Measurement Routes, along with the database capabilities of the Edition, enable scaling your vibration testing program across multiple sites and a virtually unlimited number of machine assets. Databases and routes are used to segregate and help you manage groups of equipment when you have multiple sites, multiple customers, or large number of equipment assets in the scope of your vibration screening program.

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Vibrating screen vibrating screen machine pdf - BINQ Mining vibrating screen machine in pdf — vibrating screen calculation pdf — CGM miningapplication. Save time and minimize error prone manual data entry into a Fluke meter by using Explorer with your PC keyboard.

Add, modify, or delete machine assets and measurement locations into a setup file that can be uploaded to a Fluke meter to configure it to make measurements. With Explorer Edition, the same tools used to create a setup file are employed to create measurement routes and database entries. Machine and measurement locations appear in the machine navigation pane on the left most side of the Explorer application.

Rapid creation of machine and measurement locations is made possible with copy and paste functions and the use of your PC keyboard. Colored icons are used to represent condition of each machine and measurement location. Blue colored machine and pin icons indicate that measurements have not been made.

Graphs from one or all measurement locations can be displayed. Which categories of machines types are problematic?

FLUKE 810 และ FLUKE 805 เครื่องวัดความสั่นสะเทือน ยุคใหม่ ขนาดเล็ก ใช้งานง่าย ราคาไม่แพง

Which machines in your vibration screening program haven t been measured yet? With filtering, you can limit the machines that are presented in the machine navigation pane to those that match your criteria for the Machine Category type of machine and Severity Levels of the most recent measurements made.

Equipment assets that are of the same Machine Category or machines that have the same Severity level for the most recent vibration measurements can be grouped together. When grouping by Machine Category, the color of machine category icon tells you the highest severity level measured among all machines of the category. There are 4 ways that machine assets can be sorted in the machine navigation pane: 1 Severity useful for finding machines with specific severity levels or where no measurements have been made 2 Machine Name useful when having an alphabetized machine list helps you quickly find the asset you want.

These features are basis for supporting vibration condition monitoring programs that span multiple sites, thousands of equipment assets, and one or more technicians each with a Fluke Vibration Meter.

Scale Your Vibration Testing Program to Multiple Sites and Thousands of Assets Each database represents a collection of machine assets which you use to segregate and organize assets that are located, for example, at different work sites or companies. Measurement routes represent a subset of those machine assets that make logical sense to assign to a technician. Measurement routes can be assigned to a specific Fluke serial number to help with tracking assignments made to each technician.

If Measurement Routes have been created for a selected database, they are listed along with information to help you track work assignments. Routes are often set to include machines assets that are: part of the same process or production line OR related by criticality or frequency you plan to make measurements OR Organized using some principle that makes sense to you.

Fluke FC - Achat Analyseur de Vibration Fluke | TESTOON

Upload a measurement route to a Fluke Vibration Meter using Explorer Routes get loaded onto the meter using a USB cable. After uploading a route, the Fluke meter is disconnected and begins an configures itself to make measurements. Explorer employs trend graphs and reports with a host of options to optimize the presentation of the information you need to make fact-based maintenance decisions.

Standard Reports include: Machine Condition Report depicts the condition of every machine Bad Actors Report highlighting machine assets with the worst severity levels Incomplete Measurements Report listing machines that have no vibration measurements made on them Standard Reports can be copied and modified to meet specific requirements Report Properties can be edited to change the contents as well as look and feel of your report. Less is more is a saying that oftentimes applies to reports that otherwise confuse the recipient because of too much irrelevant information being included.

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