Artist & Repertoire Registry. DISTRIBUTION . Daniel Sanders VP A&R / BUSINESS AFFAIRS . Alicia Graham A&R ADMINISTRATION . Music Business Registry. The A&R Registry is the music industry's only continually updated contact directory, allowing you to keep up on every hiring, move, exit and location change in the A&R Community. Additionally, each issue features interviews with prominent industry. The Music Business Registry. Sunset Boulevard, # Los Angeles, CA USA phone:

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    Category: Music Business Contacts SKU: CIM-RL-AR-PDF The A&R Registry includes a list of regional A&R contacts not listed in any other directory! We give. A&R DAta - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. A&R Data. A&R Registry. Price: $ (Note: there is a % sales tax added if you are a California resident.) Format: Adobe PDF This Registry is now also available in.

    We spoke for nearly an hour about the current state of the music industry, where it might be heading, the ways in which technological and business innovations were affecting its evolution, etc. It lists all of the major publishers and larger independents in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, London, and Toronto—and includes the names, titles, direct numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses of principal contacts and often the names of their assistants. In many cases mailing addresses and URLs are also provided. The Index in the back of the book lists contacts by name, with phone numbers and company names, in case you are looking for a particular person rather than a company. The directory is updated every six months. Click here to see a sample listing. You get all the same types of information found in the Music Publisher Registry, though there is no indication of what types of music the label specializes in, which might be unwieldy with majors and large independents, but would be quite useful with smaller indies. This directory is updated every eight weeks, which is good, given the turnover at labels these days—particularly the majors. It provides a wealth of information that is invaluable to those wishing to place their songs in films and television, place music with music libraries, compose for picture, locate a composer, have music cleared, find an agent, hire an engineer or producer, book a recording studio, hire an orchestra, etc.

    Pollstar Directory Books Pollstar publishes several, best'selling, comprehensive directories which contain valuable information and contacts. Format: Book Description This guide is indispensable to anyone accessing the complex recording industry. The listings for Major labels and Independent labels include detailed artist rosters, executive staff, personnel, direct phone numbers and fax numbers. The Record Company Rosters include Music Publishing info and contact information for Distribution Groups, complete with a helpful flow chart.

    Major US Labels Staff Rosters with inside-line phone numbers, titles, divisions, mailing and e-mail addresses Exclusive Detailed Artist Rosters for major labels and subsidiaries Extensive Independent Label Listings with all contact information Quick Reference Indexes for phone, fax, e-mail, web sites, artists and personnel Major Label Distribution Groups with all contact information and flow charts Expanded Music Publishers Listings with contact information Booking Agency Directory Note: there is a 9.

    Format: Book Description An invaluable reference tool used daily by Talent Buyers and Venues from club to arena level, the Booking Agency Directory is updated biannually and provides data on more than agencies representing over 10, artists worldwide.

    This directory has current international contact information that serious competitors in our global marketplace demand. State your name confidently first. As an example: "George Goodrich for Nate Albert" then you will be sent through to their secretary or assistant. This is when you goto battle with the gatekeepers!

    The assistant will ask you in a hurriedly frantic voice who you are and what you want. You: "Hey how are you?

    Music Industry News & Moves from the A&R Registry :: Music Business Watch | MyNewsletterBuilder

    My fans say I sound like a young version of super successful pop star that sound somewhat like you. I know you do not accept unsolicited material but I already have music on SoundCloud, Spotify and would appreciate your feedback on my music. You will call this person again the very next day and they will be flabergasted and borderline angry you are calling them again!

    Again, you can order online at www. This third issue lists complete information on over 2, of the top music blogs from around the world. It is in electronic.

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    An invaluable reference tool used daily by Talent Buyers and Venues from club to arena level, the Booking Agency Directory is updated biannually and provides data on more than agencies representing over 10, regidtry worldwide. The directories are available registty the following regions: For anyone who wants to pitch their songs to a publisher, or to contact them for any other reason, this is the ideal directory.

    And regisfry our quote for the day that we keep reading over and over! There have been significant changes in the music publishing world registryy lots of executive moves.

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